Life Cycle, is a screenplay by Jenny Hill. It has jeopardy, it has romance, it has people outside, on bikes. Life Cycle is the feel-good screenplay for the Corona era.

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Writing a screenplay is just the beginning. The next step is to get it noticed. Lifecycle Shorts is a series of ultra short vignettes inspired by the themes and dialogue from the screenplay, Life Cycle.

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I am a Manchester-based writer and visual do-good-er who grew up in Wales when snow hung around in the gullies until June, and the only people with tans were bare-legged tourists in cagoules queuing for the Snowdon train. I no longer call Wales home, but its landscape, its colours and its furious edges, continue to be a source of inspiration.

Electric Literature has published my writing, good on them, and Concentric Circles Theatre Company has performed my work as part of a community production that will inspiring. I write articles and product descriptions, sometimes for the same clients who ask me to produce visual content for their website and social pages.

Work is good, and writing my unpublished stories and unproduced screenplay, an act of faith. Get in touch if you would like to discuss my work or your projects.

Other projects:, wearable life advice, on hiatus during the lock-down.

Life Cycle, a feature length, feel-good screenplay for the post Corona era. For more information and to connect with this project visit, FLDWRKS.

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