Life Cycle, is a screenplay by Jenny Hill. It has jeopardy, it has romance, it has people outside, on bikes. Life Cycle is the feel-good screenplay for the post Corona era.

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Finishing the screenplay is just the beginning. The next step is to get it noticed. Lifecycle Shorts is a series of ultra short vignettes inspired by the themes and dialogue from the screenplay, Life Cycle.

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Jenny Hill is a writer and digital content creator whose work is rooted in honesty, humour and more than a little darkness. Her writing has been published in Electric Literature, and her short book, Morrina, A Story, was self-published in 2016.

Currently working as a digital gopher at Soseas, I also create digital content for small businesses and entrepreneurs wherever I find them.

Other projects:, wearable life advice, on hiatus during the lock-down.

Life Cycle, a feature length, feel-good screenplay for the post Corona era. For more information and to connect with this project visit, FLDWRKS.

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